Result 2

Result 2

The second component of the project is to strenghten capacities of veterinary services . This component includes three main activities:

1. Strengthening capacities of BIP control system, system for animal health and animal welfare; system for identification and registration of animals and registration of their movements;

2. Further strengthening capacities of AFSVPA with an emphasis on foodborne diseases;

3. Further strengthening of AFSVPA in the application of the relevant EU standards, thus ensuring placement on the market safe food of animal origin.

In the inception phase of the project , key expert for official controls, Dr. Stefano Nardelli had first meetings with colleagues from AFSVPA, SVL and CETI laboratory in order to collect useful information for assessing the current state.

In the first part of implementation phase of the project, the expert was dedicated to the assessment of laboratory capacities and capacities of local veterinary inspectorate.