Result 3

Result 3

The third component of the project refers to the monitoring, control and eradication of notifiable diseases. This result includes several activities:

1. Preparation of risk-based control and monitoring plans for priority animal diseases;

2. Defining animal diseases for which full elimination is necessary and preparation of eradication plans;

3. Assess and improve Rabies control and eradication programme;

4. Staff training, including simulation exercises, involved in the management of animal disease control;

5. Development of relevant procedures , guidelines, instructions for the staff and improve capacities of the stakeholders through the trainings;

6. Review and update the relevant legislation according to the non-vaccination policy for CSF.

The experts engaged in this field, Toni Kirandjiski i Goran Filipović within their previous missions had several meetings with counterpart in order to assess current state of animal disease control. Active work on this component of the project resulted in programmes for allocation of the statuses (bovine brucellosis, bovine TB, EBL), and surveillance programmes ( ASF, KSF, FMF, AI).