The last three trainings held in project organization

Simulation exercise on animal disease outbreak


Within IPA project „Support to veterinary sector in Montenegro“ were held three last trainings in project organization.

1. Training on cross compliance on farms was held on 27. and 28.11.2019. Theoretical part of training was held in Specialized veterinary laboratory. Lecturers were experts from Italy Cristiano Longo and Ilir Recica from Kosovo. Second day of the training included farm visit located in Danilovgrad and practical implementation of the topics presented on the first day of training. Participants of the training were official veterinarians from AFSVPA.

2. Training on animal welfare and ante and post mortem inspection during slaughtering was held in Podgorica i Bijelo Polje in the period 03. – 06.12.2019. and was consite of theoretical and practical part incluting slaughterhouse visit. Lecturers were experts from Croatia Lidija Kozačinski and from Kosovo Ilir Recica. Participants were official and authorized veterinarians and AFSVPA staff.

3. Training on sampling of commodities on BIPs with special view on statistical aspect of food sampling was held in the period 03. – 05.12.2019. Lecturers were experts form Italy Marcia Manzin and team lider Robert Bambauer. Participants were official veterinarians from AFSVPA.

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